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New Cobourg Location:
101 King Street West

Raw Animal Diet Inc. (Raw 101) has moved! We are open for business at our new location, 101 King Street West 

Benefits of feeding your pet a raw diet

Less Trips to the vet!!

  1. Reduced allergy symptoms. Raw Animal Diet blends do not include grain, corn, preservatives, additives or artificial flavoring.

  2. Improved teeth, oral health, and breath. Raw food does not contain high amounts of processed carbohydrates and sugars which cause plaque buildup and bad breath.

  3. Healthier skin and shinier coat due to the minimally processed fats and oils in the meat and simpler ingredients in Raw Animal Diet blends. Every ingredient is fresh then frozen.

  4. Better digestion with smaller and firmer stools. This is because their bodies are metabolizing and using more of the food so there is less waste. 

  5. Pets on a raw food diet consume far less water than pets eating an entirely processed diet.

  6. Better weight management because their bodies are digesting and optimizing the raw food.

  7. Clearer eyes. Dogs on a kibble diet tend to have duller eyes than dogs on raw food diets.

Raw Animal Diet blends are:

  1. Whole complete meals so you don’t have to add anything, just thaw and serve.

  2. Hormone and antibiotic free.

  3. Made in small batches then frozen immediately for better quality control.

  4. Available in convenient bulk packages for better cost savings.

  5. Available in customized packages so there is no measuring or thinking involved, all you have to do is thaw and serve.

Lucy and Grace

Lucy and Grace

"We believe that providing key nutrients, in their natural state, delivers superior nutrition for the optimal health of your pet."

Our Guarantee:

We personally make and package your pet food so that we can guarantee the quality of the food that your pet is getting.

If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the unused portion within 30 days of purchase and you will receive a full refund.

If you would like to try our food, we have trial packs available.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns or comments.


What our fans have to say!

  • We've been serving our dogs Lucy's raw food diet since she started her business. We had used other raw food sources in the past but her consistent high quality was a welcome change. Along with customizable portions, she offers a well rounded variety of choice. Lucy has gone out of her way to accommodate us and our dogs. Besides great service and quality, our dogs love the food. Thank you Lucy.
    — Kim and James
  • I love the ease and convenience of the individual customized meal packs! This has allowed our dogs to maintain their ideal weight, especially when they are being cared for by others. Each one is portioned differently for my dogs individual nutritional needs. The quality of the ingredients are superior. Thank you Lucy for creating such a wonderful product!
    — Adrian, Orono, ON

Interesting facts about a raw food diet:

A raw food diet is designed to imitate a dog's natural ancestral diet. 

Your dog will smell better on a raw food diet.

When on a raw food diet your dog will shed out their old, dead, dull hair and begin growing a shiny, soft coat.


Read more about our Raw Food Diet on our FAQ's page!

Raw animal diet for all dogs

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Lucy Hillman Raw Animal Diet Inc.

Here at Raw Animal Diet we believe that our dogs and cats are carnivores and are meant to eat raw meat rather than highly processed dry kibble and canned wet foods. We believe that a complete nutritional diet delivered through human grade proteins, bones, organs and elements from select vegetables and fruits are a superior diet for your pet.

Give us a call or send us an email. Your pet will thank you for it!

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Email: info@rawanimaldiet.ca

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